Feb. 14, 2016

Complex Civil Litigation

Department 304
Judge Curtis E.A. Karnow
400 McAllister St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Clerk: (415) 551-3729/5948

     User's Manual for Department 304

Department 305
Judge Mary E. Wiss
400 McAllister St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Clerk: (415) 551-3732

Parties wishing to have an action designated complex pursuant to CRC 3.400 et seq. must provide directly to
Department 304 of this Court a paper copy of the application as filed, and paper copies of the operative complaints and cross-complaints. Generally applications are held for a week to allow for any opposition. 

CRC Rule 3.400. Definition

A “complex case” is an action that requires exceptional judicial management to avoid placing unnecessary burdens on the Court or the litigants and to expedite the case, keep costs reasonable, and promote effective decision making by the court, the parties, and counsel.

Special Instructions for Electronic Filing

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