Cameras in the Court

Except as provided in California Rule of Court 1.150, Court proceedings may not be photographed, recorded, or broadcast. Under the rule, use of cameras and other recording devices require permission from the Judicial Officer presiding over the proceeding. Requests to photograph must be submitted to the Judicial Officer five court days before the proceeding, unless good cause is shown.

The rule requires that the requestor file (1) a Media Request to Photograph, Record, or Broadcast (form MC-500) and (2) a completed, proposed Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage ( form MC-510)

You may submit your paperwork in one of two ways:

  • Email the paperwork to the Communications Director at (415) 551-4017 or [email protected]. The Communications Director will get the request to photograph and the proposed order to the Judicial Officer and notify the requester of the decision when possible. Clerks also may communicate the Judicial Officer’s decision. Please note that this method will not work when the Communications Director is out of the office.
  • If the Communications Director is out of the office, or if it is more convenient, file the paperwork directly with the Clerk in the Department where the proceeding will be heard. The Clerk will get the paperwork to the Judge. You may call the Clerk directly to find out the Judicial Officer’s decision on the request. Clerks’ contact information is available on this list.