Record Type

How to Access

Civil Records
Civil Harassment
Civil Petitions
Child Support
Domestic Violence
Family Law
Name/Gender change
Small Claims
Unlawful Detainer

In Person: Review instructions and submit a completed Civil Records Request Form.  Public Viewing Room (Currently Open) --Onsite, online Civil Records viewing may be requested on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mail-In: Follow instructions for mail requests as indicated on the Civil Records Request Form (See Above). 

Online: Some Civil cases are available online. Please visit Online Services to access case information. Computers are made available for public use in Room 103, CCC. Please note that files may only be viewed on the premises.

For more detailed information please visit our website.

Court Reporter Transcripts Information about transcript requests is available here.
Criminal Records

In Person: Review instructions and submit a completed Criminal Records Request Form to Window #6 or #7 in Room 101 at the Hall of Justice. Please arrive before 3:45 p.m. for service at a window by 4 p.m.

Mail-In: Follow instructions for mail requests here. 

Online: Criminal records are NOT available online. A Public Viewing Room is available in Room 101, Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant St. If submitting via mail, indicate "View Only" and a clerk will contact you when the file is ready to be viewed.

Judicial Administrative Records

Submit all requests here.

*This is for judicial administrative records only pursuant to CRC 10.500, do not use this form for case records

Juvenile Records
Juvenile Delinquency

For record request information, visit Juvenile Deliquency.

Probate Records

Only parties to a case may view case files. Non-parties require advanced approval to view confidential documents from the Probate Department, Room 202, Civic Center Courthouse, 400 McAllister St., or call (415) 551-3650.

Traffic Records

The court does NOT maintain traffic driving records. Contact the DMV for any information. For current or delinquent citations, or court citations, call (415) 551-8550 or visit in person Room 145, Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant St.

Unified Family Court Records
Juvenile Dependency

Juvenile Dependency request for information is available here. For Adoption requests, review the Adoption Instructions, then bring the completed Adoption Records Form to Room 402, Civic Center Courthouse, 400 McAllister St.  All other family records are available in Room 103, Civic Center Courthouse. 

Vital Records
Birth / Death / Marriage

Vital records are not maintained by the Court. For all requests, please contact the San Francisco County Clerk at (415) 554-4950 or online at