Procedures for Represented Parties to be Excused From Mandatory E-Filing

Pursuant to California Rule of Court 2.253(b)(4), represented parties may apply to be excused from filing and serving documents electronically, if it is shown to be undue hardship or significant prejudice. 
In each case, a represented party must file an Ex Parte Application for Relief from the Requirements of Mandatory E-Filing to be heard in Department 206 or in the Court of the assigned judge  (refer to San Francisco Superior Court  Local Rules for time and dates for Exparte hearings). The applicant must give notice of the ExParte Application to all other parties in the case and the applicant must be present at the hearing.  The application must be accompanied by a declaration, under penalty of perjury, setting forth with specificity the undue hardship or significant prejudice of filing and serving subsequent documents electronically and a proposed order.  The applicant must notify all other parties of the Court’s ruling.  If the application is granted, the represented party may file and serve documents by conventional means.